Sub Location

Gaining precise insights into individuals' navigation within your area

Gaining insights into guest interactions and mobility within your venue is crucial for optimizing product placements, promotions, offers, and enhancing guest relationship.

Smart Marketing-4

Analyse and Engage your guests

Gain insights into visitor counts, dwell areas, potential bottlenecks, and more through a range of location-based reports, ensuring data accuracy and leveraging it to optimize marketing strategies.

Visualize the allocation of promotions and offers across zones such as Room Area, Lobby, Restaurant, etc., and compare them with collected data to pinpoint areas requiring increased engagement.

Accurate Location Tracking

Accurately track visitor ingress and egress from each zone with up to 98% precision via our WiFi Login Page, powered by Surfsonix. This data is seamlessly integrated into the Surfsonix portal’s dashboard, enabling real-time monitoring of visitor counts.


Generate Visitor Behaviour Pattern

Sub-location data offers comprehensive insights into visitor visits across various zones, which can be transformed into analytics for a deeper understanding of how your venue is utilized. Depending on the accuracy of the data acquired, Surfsonix provides presence, location data, and visit counts for each zone.

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