Surfsonix: A Truly Intelligent Solution for A Smarter World!

Smart Internet Access Solution:

Introducing our cutting-edge Smart High-Speed Internet Access Solution! Are you ready to take guest satisfaction and customer engagement to new heights? Look no further! Our innovative solution is designed to provide seamless connectivity, ensuring your guests stay connected throughout their entire stay. But that’s not all! We understand the importance of wifi monetization and helping you maximize your revenue. With our solution, you can effortlessly offer premium access options, allowing guests to upgrade their internet experience while generating additional income for your business.

Say goodbye to bandwidth woes! Our system incorporates excellent bandwidth management, ensuring all users have fair and optimized access to the internet. You can wave goodbye to slow connections and hello to satisfied guests who can effortlessly stream, browse, and connect without interruptions.

We know that operational overhead can be a challenge, so we’ve taken care of that too! Our solution is designed to be user-friendly and easy to manage. With streamlined controls and automated features, you’ll spend less time on technicalities and more time providing exceptional service to your guests. Elevate your guests’ experience with our Smart High-Speed Internet Access Solution and watch your customer satisfaction soar. Get ready to revolutionize your connectivity and enjoy the benefits of increased customer engagement and revenue growth.

Surfsonix has two modules:

  • Surfsonix NEO – software gateway for internet access control etc.
  • SiFi NG – next-generation intelligent cloud service module for customer engagement and wifi monetization.

Software Gateway for Internet Access Control

Surfsonix Neo Dashboard Mac

Surfsonix NEO

Surfsonix NEO can be deployed across all the verticals (Hospitality, Healthcare, Enterprise, Education, MICE etc). The system supports up to 65,000 users. This system can be deployed as a standalone solution or cloud based solution in combination with the cloud based Surfsonix SiFi module for customer engagement and WiFi monetization. For more details, please refer to the Surfsonix Neo Datasheets.

Surfsonix provides reliable WiFi, ensuring the users can perform critical tasks such as emailing, meetings, and collaboration.
Surfsonix offers a customizable user experience, allowing hotels to tailor the WiFi login and usage experience to their specific needs.
Surfsonix offers a range of management and reporting tools that help hotels to understand how guests are using the WiFi network.

Intelligent Cloud Service:

WiFi Marketing Solution Surfsonix

Surfsonix NG

SiFi NG is the next-generation intelligent Cloud-based Customer Engagement and WiFi Monetization service module that provides smart analytics and in-depth reports revealing exclusive details about customer behavioral patterns, demographics, and interests. This is extremely handy in effectively engaging customers specific to their needs, building use cases, and customer profiling which helps the venue owner generate additional revenues.

There are several benefits of using the SiFi NG module. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Enhanced Guest Internet Experience: SiFi NG, when integrated with Surfsonix NEO, provides seamless and high-speed internet connectivity to venue guests. Whether it’s a hotel, café, or conference center, visitors can enjoy reliable and fast Wi-Fi access throughout their stay, ensuring a positive user experience.
  1. Improved Customer Engagement: With SiFi NG, venue owners can engage with their customers in a more personalized way. They can offer tailored promotions, discounts, and loyalty programs directly to guests’ devices, enhancing customer satisfaction and fostering brand loyalty.
  1. WiFi Monetization: SiFi NG enables venue owners to monetize their Wi-Fi networks efficiently. They can implement various monetization strategies such as sponsored advertisements, in-app purchases, or premium access options. This opens up new revenue streams while providing value-added services to guests.
  1. Advanced Analytics and Insights: By leveraging SiFi NG and Surfsonix NEO, venue owners can gather valuable data and insights about their guests’ behavior and preferences. They can analyze metrics like visitor demographics, browsing patterns, and session duration to make data-driven business decisions and optimize their offerings accordingly.
  1. Easy Management and Control: SiFi NG simplifies network management for venue owners. This centralized management system saves time and effort, ensuring smooth operations.
  1. Scalability and Flexibility: Whether it’s a small café or a large convention center, SiFi NG and Surfsonix NEO can scale according to the venue’s requirements. The solutions are designed to handle high user volumes and can adapt to evolving needs, ensuring a reliable and future-proof infrastructure.

Thus, SiFi NG and Surfsonix NEO empower venue owners with advanced Wi-Fi solutions that enhance guest experiences, drive customer engagement, monetize networks effectively, and provide valuable insights for business growth.

Solution Deployment

Standalone deployment:

  • -
    Surfsonix NEO only

Integrated deployment:

  • -
    Surfsonix NEO + SiFi NG

360° Guest WiFi Solution






Smart Features

  • Advance and detail reports of New and Repeat users.
  • Users/visitors details like demographics, gender, preferred devices, browsers, OS etc.
  • Analyze and display Visitors/Users information like login sources, login duration, login preferences, Age etc.
  • WiFi Analytics for visitors/users.
  • Network Analytics and reports about most popular OS, Devices, Browsers etc being used by the visitors/users.
  • Centralized management and deployment of Guest portals/Landing/Splash pages on a global level or per property level.
  • Extremely flexible and customizable landing/splash page or guest portals.
  • Conditional redirection after login (based on age, gender, visits, birthday, platform, browser type, login source or any combination of these fields).
  • Cloud hosted and managed.
  • Multiple sources of Logins (Social Media, Form, Vouchers/Tickets and Room).
  • Allows the venue to receive customer feedbacks in real-time
  • Survey is displayed during the login
  • Survey can be categorized for the walk-in users, in-house guests or for every users
  • Frequency of Survey can be based on per MAC per user or during login

Intelligent bandwidth management based on login sources (Social Media, Form, Tickets/Vouchers, Room).

  • Know visitor’s source and place of login with pin-point accuracy
  • Collect data relevant to the sub-location
  • Analyze and Engage the right audience
  • Display relevant ads on the splash page based on user profile and demographics.
  • The frequency of Ad display is configurable (one time, multiple days or repeated at intervals).
  • Display of advertisements on the login portal based on user types.
  • E-Campaign based on number of visits, top customers, birthday etc.
  • SMS Campaign based on number of visits, top customers, birthday etc.
  • Built-in digital marketing tools.
  • Send marketing shots based on location or global basis.
  • Filter guests data based on several criteria.
  • Generate Facebook “likes”.
  • Location based services
  • Heat mapping
  • Geo-fenced footfall count
  • Way finding and point of interests
  • Dwell time
  • Guests visit reports for all the locations.
  • Guests recognition and greetings.
  • Seamless Roaming between properties/venues. A user logged in from any location of a customer can seamlessly login to the other locations without entering any details in the login page. Seamless login can be restricted to certain login methods like only for PMS Room Login. Our intelligent login engine can read the check-in and check-out informtaion from the PMS Server of the new location, and set the duraion of the new seamless session equivalent to the guests check-out date. Yes! And this can be achieved even without asking any input from the guest.
  • VIP Guest recognition and notifications.
  • Greet and display the existing member’s details on logon.
  • Enrolment of new members.
  • Integrates with almost any Loyalty programs.
  • Cloud hosted
  • Centralized Management of all the properties/venues from single dashboard
  • Locations visible on Global Map
  • Admin Users with different levels of privileges per location or global
  • Track devices, hence customers, even if they are not logged in
  • Know visitors’ behaviours by their dwell time, passerby vs genuine, repeat vs new, bounce rate, confirmed visitors, average visits and frequency of visits
  • Geo-fencing technology

Next Generation Features

  • Static and Dynamic IP Configuration by-pass.
  • By-Pass name, number and script based Proxies (both transparent and non-transparent).
  • PMS, Internal and external (AD, Radius Server, LDAP) databases, SMS, Email, Social Media, iPass, PayPal, Credit Card and Bank Payment Gateway, QR Code

Enabled with Surfsonix ALI and Centralized Authentication Web Server

Surfsonix ALI allows you to create a centralized corporate login page using central user authentication

Billing by time, date, data volume, bandwidth, free per user.

  • Per user, per VLAN, per Session Rate Limiting, per Session Volume Limiting, Main Line bandwidth management.
  • Improved QoS during congestion.
  • Allows you to define a fixed guaranteed bandwidth for certain users.

Connect multiple WAN Links for link aggregation and link load balancing.

Allows seamless roaming from wired to wireless networks without disconnecting the existing session.

Autologon devices can be added by their MAC and/or IP address.

Control internet access based on time for the autologon devices.

  • Allows authentication using Social Media like Facebook, Google Plus and Windows Live.
  • Property can ask a user to Like/Follow their Social Media Channels or post a message on the user’s timeline.

Allows authentication using SMS and Email.

Automatic re-login of already registered devices.

Collect additional customer information at logon (email, name, etc.) for marketing and security.

Surfsonix identifies users that have visited the property before and display welcome message on the Landing Page.

Allows real-time view of all applications, policy-based application access, traffic-shaping for applications like P2P (e.g. Bit Torrent), VoIP (e.g. Skype), Instant Messaging, Facebook, YouTube and many more.

Operate in Layer 2 and Layer 3 modes.

  • AAA system (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting).
  • IEEE 802.1X network authentication (PEAP, TTLS).
  • Private VLAN Support (room / port isolation).
  • 802.1 q VLAN Security.
  • Guests isolation (prevent users from seeing others data).
  • Integrated Stateful-Firewall (isolates Office-LAN from Surf-LAN).
  • MAC Filtering.
  • Simple and Advanced HTTP Content Filter.
  • Port Filter.
  • Supports major Virtual Private Networks (VPN).
  • DNS Tunneling protection.
  • Custom HTTP Proxy Settings (Parent Proxy).
  • Logging of relevant actions (e.g. logon, logoff, ticket creation)
  • Deny Roaming Between VLANS.
  • Zone based access – If configured then the tickets would be only valid in certain zones.
  • Surfsonix does not push any cookies to the clients. Hence it takes care of complete client security.
  • AES 256 bit SSL encrypted authentication.

Send and receive email without using external relay agent.

Support multiple languages like French, German, Arabic, Italian, Greek, Japanese, Romanian, Russian, Hebrew etc.

Customizable portal/login pages to any extent. It is one of our USP that we can completely tailor made the Login Page based on the customers requirement.

  • Billing by time / volume/ date and bandwidth.
  • FLAT RATE: A flat rate scheme provides access to the Internet for a limited duration (i.e. 6 days) and limited volume.
  • TIME RATE: Time rate tickets allows user to log off to save the remaining time credit which can be used in the future.

In the recent times guest check in to the hotel with more than one device. A guest can use the same access code to login to multiple devices simultaneously using this feature.

  • User friendly Admin interface.
  • Supports centralized management & multi-level administration control.
  • Allows the administrator to view and analyze traffics in real time i.e. no. of users online, Bandwidth usage per user, load on main internet line.
  • Support remote loggings of all data and activities including URL Tracking, Clients Source MAC/ IP, destination MAC / IP and Protocol.

Supports 40 ticket printers for one touch ticket printing. Can have multiple regular printers for normal ticket printing.

Supports IPsec, PPTP, L2TP, SSL VPNs with or without Public IP.

Supported in both Bridged and Routed Modes.

A guest is automatically identified as a VIP guest if a VIP flag is created in the PMS during guest check-in.

Support local and remote system backup allowing swift system recovery.

Supports configuration of upstream proxy.

Free logon, Auto logon or Paid services.

Notifying users about the credentials after registration via SMS or Email.

Integration with PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Payment Gateway and Safer Pay.

  • Central Management System for configuration, management and reporting.
  • Extremely powerful and detailed reporting of application reports, social media analytics, user preferences, system messages, revenue, ticket statistics, users’ connections, http-proxy logs, Detailed Revenue Statistics incl. Export, Real-time Logging (Login, Logoff, …), System Notifications & Remote Syslog, Monitoring of Devices located in Surf-LAN incl.

  • Notifications, SNMP Integration and many more.
  • Opera, ASAjHotel Front Office, ASAjHotel XML Access, Brilliant, Casablanca, Citadel, Easy2res, Elite, Eurofluxo Easylynq, Focusdata, GASTROdat, GMS, Hogatex, HospiX, HOST, Hotline, HOTLINE, HS/3, IDS, iisii Cruise, Interflex, MedCom, Micros Fidelio, PCS-Phoenix, Protel, PSE HSC, SIEMENS, SIHOT.PMS, Silverbyte, SiTec, WIN HMS.
  • *Get real-time room stats in the Surfsonix Dashboard.
  • *Update guest package without disturbing the current session.
  • * PMS Blacklist – Block Internet access from certain rooms.
  • * PMS Whitelist – Allow Direct Internet for few rooms without showing any Internet Plans.
  • * Invalid Character Detection – Ignore up to 4 invalid characters in the guest name. If the invalid character detection is set as 2 Alexander can be written as Alexandar, Alxandr, Alexanderr and so on. It can accept 2 invalid characters anywhere in the name.

Surfsonix Brochure

Discover the Future of High-Speed Internet Access with Surfsonix! Download the brochure now to unlock a world of fast and reliable connectivity. Click the link below and get ready to transform your Guest WiFi!