Smart Marketing

Strategic Marketing for Enhanced Visitor Lifetime Value

Utilize Smart Marketing to Highlight Additional Venue Amenities and Expand Brand Engagement, Encouraging Visitors to Explore More of What Your Brand Offers, and Encourage Them to Stay Connected to Your Services Rather Than Seeking Alternatives Elsewhere.

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Dynamic Ad Popper

The Dynamic Ad Popper is an innovative ad format designed to engage your website visitors like never before. It combines stunning visuals with interactivity to create an immersive advertising experience that drives results.

Guest Survey

Guest Survey data offers visitor Information and comprehensive insights into visitor experience across the hotel, which can be transformed into analytics for a deeper understanding and how hotel can utilize it in marketing.

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Redirect after Login

After completing their authentication, customers are automatically redirected to a dedicated page on your website showcasing current incentives by default. You have the flexibility to establish various criteria, such as connection method, age, or visit frequency, to tailor redirection to specific pages. For instance, customers using social media (e.g., Facebook) login can be directed to your hotel’s Facebook page for a more personalized experience.

Location Based Services

Deliver targeted promotional offers to customers based on their specific location data. Gain valuable insights into guest behavior, including their preferred places and visit frequency, enabling you to upsell services and cross-promote venues and outlets. Customize splash or landing pages for each sub-location, showcasing tailored promotions and offers to enhance engagement.

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Campaign Manager and Email Marketing

Surfsonix SiFi features a built-in campaign manager, allowing for the customization of email marketing campaigns to align with the preferences of each hotel. Each campaign can be fine-tuned with specific criteria, including the number of visits, age, gender, birthdays, and thank-you messages, ensuring targeted and personalized email communication.

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