Smart Application and Visibility Control

Keep you network secure

Explore the capabilities of application and visibility control in allowing administrators to oversee and manage network traffic, applications, and user behavior with precision. This feature ensures enhanced security, optimized performance, and a tailored user experience within WiFi networks.


About AVC

Application and visibility control empowers network administrators to effectively monitor, block, or shape the traffic on their network, allowing for optimized bandwidth allocation and security. With this capability, you can ensure that critical applications receive the necessary resources while restricting or throttling less essential traffic.This control extends to managing specific applications like YouTube, torrents, and social media apps, enabling organizations to enforce policies that align with their network usage guidelines. Whether it’s ensuring productive work hours or enhancing security by blocking potentially harmful content, application and visibility control provides a powerful tool for network management and optimization.

Group in AVC

Within application and visibility control, the ability to create multiple groups and allocate distinct bandwidth quotas to each group provides granular control over network resources. This flexibility allows organizations to prioritize and tailor bandwidth allocations based on the specific needs and importance of different user groups or applications, ensuring optimal network performance and resource management. By customizing bandwidth allocations network administrators can strike a balance between equitable access and efficient network utilization, enhancing both user experience and overall network efficiency.

AVC Module
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AVC Control

Leveraging the flexibility of assigning different bandwidths to distinct user groups in application and visibility control, administrators can efficiently manage and control internet access for various user segments. This approach ensures that critical tasks receive the necessary bandwidth while limiting the available resources for non-essential activities, resulting in optimized network usage.

Organizations can seamlessly manage their network resources by leveraging groups like Group A, which enforces a 1Mbps speed limit on social media apps, and Group B, which blocks access to all torrent sites and downloads. The user allocation flexibility, allowing users to be part of ‘n’ number of groups, empowers administrators to craft precise network policies that align with their unique requirements, fostering an environment of optimized performance, security, and resource allocation.

Benefits using AVC

  1. Employing data bandwidth limits through application and visibility control allows businesses to implement fair usage policies and charge users for activities like video streaming or large file downloads on their guest WiFi service, ensuring resource allocation efficiency.
  2. Beyond financial benefits, this functionality not only safeguards the experience of visitors but also bolsters the organization’s brand image, showcasing responsible management of the guest WiFi network and commitment to providing a reliable and equitable service.
  3. By leveraging bandwidth management features, organizations can optimize resource allocation and conserve bandwidth, resulting in cost savings while maintaining a high-quality network experience for users.
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