Presence Analytics

Understanding exactly how people move around your establishment

Understanding how people interact and move around your establishment is vital to ensuring effective analysis, promotions, and other offers as well as improving visitor experience.

Presence Location

Identify your guests

With Presence Analytics, you gain a comprehensive view of user activity, helping you optimize your space and tailor engagement strategies for a more informed and effective approach.

  • Current Detected Users: Gain insights into the number of users currently detected within your space.
  • Current Connected Users: Stay informed about the users currently connected to your network.
  • Current Visitors: Get real-time data on the current visitor count, offering a snapshot of foot traffic.


  • Capture Rate Today: Measure the effectiveness of your space with the capture rate, showcasing the percentage of visitors who engage or connect.
  • Repeated Rate Today: Identify returning visitors with the repeated rate, highlighting those who choose to revisit your location.
  • Detected vs. Visitors vs. Connected: Compare the number of detected users, visitors, and connected users to understand engagement levels.
  • Visitors vs. Passerby: Distinguish between visitors who engage with your network and passerby users who don’t, enabling targeted engagement strategies.

Generate Visitor Behaviour Pattern

Presence Analytics provides real-time insights into user activity, helping optimize space and engagement strategies. It tracks detected users, connected users, and visitors, enabling you to measure space effectiveness and tailor engagement approaches. You can also differentiate engaged visitors from passerby users for more targeted strategies, ultimately enhancing user satisfaction and outcomes.