Payment Method

Diverse Payment Methods for Seamless Surfsonix HSIA Access

Surfsonix offers a range of payment methods allowing businesses in the hospitality and service sectors to streamline internet access for guests. This diverse integration ensures secure and convenient payment transactions.

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Overview - Types of Payment Method

  • PayPal Integration: Surfsonix HSIA seamlessly incorporates PayPal as a payment method, offering guests a recognized and convenient option. This enhances the customer experience and simplifies revenue collection and accounting.
  • Credit Card Integration: Surfsonix HSIA allows credit card payments within the system, ensuring a smooth and secure payment process. This boosts customer satisfaction and revenue generation while prioritizing the security of cardholder data.
  • Bank Payment Gateway Integration: Integration with a bank payment gateway facilitates direct payments from bank accounts, appealing to guests who prefer direct debits or lack credit cards. This broadens the customer base and provides payment versatility.

Types of Payment Method

  • Safer Pay Integration: Safer Pay’s strong security features ensure secure payment transactions when integrated with Surfsonix HSIA. Guests can trust the protection of their sensitive financial data, a crucial aspect in today’s cybersecurity landscape.
  • PMS Payment: Guests who have logged in using complimentary WiFi can easily upgrade their internet package from options like Basic to Advanced. By selecting a package, guests can conveniently complete the payment process on their own, eliminating the need to visit or contact the help desk for immediate access to their chosen benefits.


  • Enhanced User Experience: Guests enjoy a hassle-free experience with familiar and trusted payment methods.
  • Streamlined Revenue Collection: Payments are automatically processed and recorded, reducing administrative overhead.
  • Security: Robust encryption and compliance with payment industry standards ensure the security of financial transactions.
  • Wider Customer Base: Offering multiple payment options accommodates various customer preferences.
  • Efficient Reporting: Integration often includes reporting tools that help businesses track revenue and usage trends.
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