Next Gen AI PMS Module

Effortless Sign-in: Simplifying Your Stay with Surfsonix PMS Integration

Surfsonix employs third-party integration to seamlessly connect with Property Management Systems (PMS), enhancing operational efficiency and guest satisfaction in the hospitality sector. Explore how this collaborative approach streamlines guest services, reservations, and administrative tasks, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience for guests.



In the dynamic and highly competitive hospitality industry, an efficient Surfsonix Property Management System (PMS) Module is indispensable. It empowers hotels to streamline their operations and enhance guest services. Explore the key features of the Surfsonix PMS module below:

  • PMS Integration: Surfsonix PMS module seamlessly integrates with leading PMS software, streamlining hotel management and interactions with the HSIA system.
  • Real-Time Room Stats: Hotel staff can access real-time room statistics from the Surfsonix Dashboard, facilitating quick decisions regarding room occupancy and guest preferences.


  • PMS Blacklist: The module includes a blacklist feature for blocking internet access from specific rooms or devices, aiding in guest access management and policy compliance.
  • PMS Whitelist: Conversely, a whitelist feature permits direct internet access for specific rooms without displaying internet plans, ideal for VIPs or select guests.


  • Guest Package Updates: Hotel operators can update guest packages without disrupting current internet sessions, enhancing guest experience and flexibility.
  • Invalid Character Detection: The system accommodates guest name variations with up to four invalid characters, ensuring data accuracy and efficient guest registration.

Incorporating these features streamlines hotel operations, enhances guest satisfaction, and maintains security and compliance standards.