Guest Survey

Collecting visitor input/suggestions/feedback

Guest surveys serve as a valuable tool to assess your customers’ overall satisfaction and their loyalty to your brand. With Surfsonix SiFi, you can effortlessly configure and distribute guest surveys to capture valuable feedback.

Smart Marketing-5

Redirect customer to Guest Survey

Direct customers to participate in a brief survey as part of the WiFi authentication process. This data can later be correlated with post-experience feedback to evaluate whether customers’ expectations are being fulfilled.

Types of Survey

Guest surveys come in various types, including single question, multiple questions, and rate scale formats

  • Single Question Surveys: These are concise surveys that ask guests to provide feedback on a specific aspect or ask a single question to gauge their overall satisfaction.
  • Multiple Question Surveys: These surveys include a series of questions designed to gather more comprehensive feedback. Multiple question surveys provide a deeper understanding of specific areas where improvements may be needed.
  • Rate Scale Surveys: Rate scale surveys ask guests to rate their experience on a numerical scale, typically from 1 to 5 or 1 to 10. These surveys are useful for assessing overall satisfaction, and they can be tailored to different aspects of the guest experience.

Analytics and Insights

Guest Survey data offers visitor Information and comprehensive insights into visitor experience across the hotel, which can be transformed into analytics for a deeper understanding of how your hotel service is utilized.