App Based Login

Boost Revenue with App-Based Login Solutions

The WiFi login process presents a prime opportunity for promoting your mobile app and further nurturing an omnichannel marketing connection with your visitors.


Crafting a Unique Authentication Experience

App integration for Surfsonix introduces a unique and seamless authentication method that enhances the guest experience. Unlike traditional methods, guests are required to download the organization’s dedicated app from their respective app stores, accessible via a link on the network’s splash page. Once the app is downloaded, guests can effortlessly access the WiFi option within the app. This innovative approach eliminates the need for cumbersome login processes, allowing guests to quickly fill in their details and gain WiFi access, making it a standout authentication method in terms of convenience and efficiency.

Manage and Engage

For customers and guests, this integration brings a plethora of benefits. It simplifies the authentication process, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Additionally, organizations can leverage this method to collect valuable guest data and engage with their audience more effectively. By sending promotional offers and updates through their apps, businesses can enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction, creating a win-win situation for both guests and the organization.

Loyalty App


From the organization’s perspective, this integration contributes significantly to growth. The exponential increase in app downloads showcases the popularity of this authentication method among users. As more guests download and use the app, organizations gain a larger and more engaged user base. This, in turn, fosters stronger brand-customer relationships and opens up opportunities for targeted marketing, ultimately driving business growth and success.