Analytics and Reports

Enhance and Expand Existing Data Records and Customer Profiles

Unlock Deeper Insights with Comprehensive Visitor Data Collection to Create Detailed Visitor Profiles, Empowering Businesses to Execute Personalized and Impactful Marketing Campaigns.

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Customer Info

Through our captive portal, you can implement progressive profiling using custom fields, enabling you to request additional information from visitors beyond what you already have, thereby enhancing your existing visitor profiles and facilitating the development of highly-specific report for analysis.


Our reporting dashboard provides insights into customer visit frequency, the time gap between visits, and dwell times in specific areas. Businesses can leverage this data to enhance dwell times and boost customer relationship by providing promotions and offers.

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Live Analytic and Report

In addition, you have the capability to perform real-time analysis of customer login methods, including authentication types and VLAN usage, allowing for immediate insights into user behavior.

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