Smart City

Smart City

Smart WiFi for Smart Cities

Cities across the globe are harnessing the power of technologies to maximize the use of Smart WiFi for city-wide deployment and smart resource provisioning projects. These are smart initiatives by the government which wants to provide digital and smart services.

Digital & Smart services

Smart technologies including Surfsonix help generate huge amounts of data that can be used intelligently by authorities.

For example, understanding traffic data to help improve services such as bus routes, street lighting or traffic flow, which can only be a good thing. It could help the city to move more easily, to adapt to change more quickly and become more ‘smart’ to the needs of the population. It will also make the city more ‘green’.

Surfsonix is already helping cities to directly engage shoppers and tourists, offering promotions directly and in combination with center retailers.

Retailers also collect this data to target these consumers directly, with more relevant offers delivered straight to their mobile device. By encouraging customer loyalty and customer engagement, the Street Shopping may be revived. With online shopping booming and the Street Shopping struggling to keep up, Smart City solutions could give the consumer a reason to return to High Street shopping.
As a result, consumers stay longer, spend more money and keep coming back.

Cities that embrace the change will also reap the rewards financially.

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