Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls

Smart WiFi for Shopping Malls

For shopping mall or a department store in multiple locations, understanding your consumers’ movements around your store, how often they visit and their spending behaviour is vital information. This kind of analytical data enables retailers to get an accurate picture of footfall and create an effective end to end engagement experience.

Reward & loyalty benefits

Harnessing the power of social media to create direct engagement with customers, gives you a competitive edge. Directing shoppers to dedicated splash pages, relevant to their age, gender and online activity gives you an opportunity when competing for the consumer money. You can also push out dedicated messages to your consumer base with exclusive offers, gift voucher codes on their birthdays, sale periods and event information.

Understand consumers behaviour

Most of the consumers prefer to use a mobile device and Surfsonix provides an innovative way for them to interact with brands, even when they’re inside the Venue. A complete analysis of mobile usage via our analytics software will assist you to determine the prime retail locations within your mall or shopping centre and this can in turn help drive traffic to new retail units or other areas where a footfall increase will be viewed as a major benefit.