Individual Stores

Individual Stores

Smart WiFi for individual retailers

As individual retailers like to provide personalized customer services, therefore it is important to maintain this decorum when considering an in-store smart WiFi solution. With Surfsonix smart WiFi solution, customer service can be enhanced further along with rewarding loyalty programs.

Easy and economical marketing campaigns

Free WiFi is no longer viewed as a luxury but as a requisite by many customers and individual retailers are well aware of it. But usually it has not offered much benefit to the retailers.

With Surfsonix smart WiFi the individual retailers can generate a noticeable ROI in the WiFi infrastructure and build highly targeted, profitable marketing campaigns.

Smart WiFi encourages customers to spend more time in store resulting in more purchases. Store owners can segment their customers by demographics like age and gender, or by loyalty and seasonal trends, creating marketing messages for maximum effect.

Promote your brands with Social WiFi

Social media has a huge role to play in the success of individual retailers today. They help in promoting original and boutique brands to their primary customers.

Free and smart WiFi in store allows the customers to easily and securely access their social media accounts, providing an instant boost to your online profile and sharing their experience.