High Speed Internet Solution for Hospitals

With healthcare utilizing electronic equipment on an increasingly frequent basis, this means a significant reliance on WiFi networks. Tablets, presentation and monitoring equipment are rapidly being adopted by hospitals for mobile patient management. Additionally, patients and visitors bring mobile devices with them wherever they go in order to stay connected with the outside world. A Hospital demands a secured guest network that can support a wide variety of devices and users (staffs, doctors and patients).

Waiting around at a hospital or medical centre can be seriously boring so being able to go online and stay connected with work and home activity is a must. Not only can patients and visitors look up appointment information and check-in, they can also be directed to maps of the premises so that they can move themselves around to the next area for a consultation, therapy or treatment. This saves lots of time waiting to be shown the way.
In addition to helping people find their way around and keeping them updated, hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, dentists and other specialist healthcare providers can engage directly and ask for feedback, to improve the service.

Guest Network in a Hospital is often separated from the staff/admin network for security reasons which makes it Simple Swift and Secure WiFi zone in the premises.

Benefits of Hotspot Solution for a Hospital:

  • Better Communication – Patients, doctors, nurses and other staffs can share information like prescription details, medical reports electronically. The doctors and nurses can research about drug details, forward medical history and communicate with the patients using the secured WiFi network. When doctors communicate easily, they can diagnose and treat patients more quickly. They can easily access vast medical databases from their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Ultimately, patient outcomes improve. It also helps to establish and respond to behavioral trends and delivery key information.
  • Internet Access – When properly implemented, this will allow the patients to access High Speed Internet in the entire premises. This will not only improve customer satisfaction but also enhance the productivity of Doctors and other Staffs.
  • Location Based Services –  Surfsonix Location Based Services improve response time and reduce loss of high-value assets by providing visibility into their precise location. It also helps in tracking how people are moving around on foot or in wheelchairs, enable more direct interaction between patient beds and individual healthcare workers. This improves workflow, reduce costs, and increase patient and staff safety.

Why you should consider Surfsonix Hotspot Solution for your Hospital ?

1) Simple – Easy to deploy and manage. Very user friendly Dashboard to manage the system. Create Vouchers on the Go in just a click of a button.

2) Secure – Completely isolated form the Staff/Admin Network. Supports VLANs and 802.1X technology. Comes with Content and Application Filter.

3) Scalable – Supports a growing network. Integrates with any Hospital Management System for easy Internet Access for the In-House Patients.

4) Futuristic – Our team of engineers are always updated with the latest trends and technology shifts. Thus taking us once step of ahead of the competition when it comes to adapting with the latest technologies.

Surfsonix Hotspot Solution for Hospitals have enabled several Hospitals to offer swift and secured internet access to the patients, doctors and the staffs. Surfsonix enables Internet access for the users after they successfully authenticate using Vouchers, SMS OTP, MAC Authentication or Directly with the Hospital Management System. Surfsonix securely logs all the authenticated user traffic and browsing activities. It provides historical data that accounts for who used the network, when they used it and how it was used.

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