Group Of Stores

Group of Stores

Smart WiFi for Group of stores

To find the perfect balance between branch consistency and personalized customer service is an enormous challenge for the Group of stores. Smart and secure WiFi is a solution to both of these challenges; allowing customers to access the WiFi quickly and easily regardless of the store they visit, while enabling marketing communications that are designed to customer demographics, loyalty and seasonal trends & fashions.

Smart and effective marketing promotions

Using our Smart solution, marketing campaigns can be designed for customers as well as store size and location. This can be done at either Main Office or store level. If a particular store identifies a pattern of behaviour in specific areas using our presence and location analytics, messages can be altered to reflect this. For example, a store might recognize that many customers are spending more time at the accessories counter, hence an offer can be triggered and sent to their mobile devices while they are in the venue.

Collect and manage your data

Surfsonix smart WiFi solution is essential for helping chain stores to collect and manage data, synchronizing it with existing records in CRM and email databases. This allows a concrete single customer view, coupling the combined power of in-store analytics and online campaigns.

A smart and safe guest WiFi

Using Surfsonix smart WiFi solution, the stores benefit from having completely separate networks for guests and staff. This enables the staffs to be notified when specific areas of the store are busy and need more attention, thus helping the customers to purchase more with streamlined services

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