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Golf Club

Smart WiFi for Golf Clubs

Golfing venues provide a wonderful opportunity to benefit from a smart WiFi solution – both for the golfing venue and the promoter.

As your golfing members are here to play golf, this means they are tied into your venue for an elongated, period of time. A perfect recipe to market to them.

Enhance the golfing experience

The typical golf course is split into areas such as the actual course, the club-house and of course the ’19th hole’. Each reap benefits from Smart WiFi in Golf Clubs immensely. Let’s take the course itself; using certain equipment, Smart WiFi can locate a person’s position within the course and deliver detailed information about the layout of the hole they are on, showing distances and ‘best club’ selection based on their location on the course.

At the Clubhouse and Cafe areas; promoting to your members couldn’t be simpler with Surfsonix Smart WiFi. Promoting Special Events and also having booking forms to purchase tickets for events such as competitions, parties and discos. Only your imagination can fail you when it comes to Surfsonix Smart in Golf Clubs and it’s capabilities.

From booking golf classes, to accessing historic scorecards online, to posting selfies as they play, people are using their mobile devices everywhere. Whether you run an independent course or are involved in marketing for a chain of golf courses nationwide, offering FREE smart WiFi in Golf Clubs at your golf course is viewed as a must to your customers. Surfsonix Smart WiFi in Golf Clubs is a solution you can utilize to make sure you are getting something back beyond a monthly membership fee.