Smart WiFi for Conferences

With the worldwide adoption of mobile technology businesses expect their employees to be contactable anywhere and this includes when they attend at business conferences.
Availability of Smart WiFi at a conference is of paramount importance to a delegate’s list when deciding to attend. They want to instantly connect to Smart WiFi upon arrival, access their day passes, download the conference app or receive updates throughout the event.
Using Surfsonix, organizers can keep attendees connected and up to date with important information about keynote speeches, refreshments, location plans and itineraries.

Tracking the Footfall

When delegates login, organizers can capture valuable data about them, providing a real picture around footfall, movements in and out of the conference and exhibitor engagement at breakout sessions during the day.

Organizers can also establish who accessed the WiFi, when and how long. Post event, organizers can analyze all delegate data captured from their conference in the Surfsonix Portal; facilitating monetize the provision of WiFi as a service and improve future events.

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