Smart WiFi for Airport

Airport WiFi has become an essential part of travelers’ airport experiences. In fact, travelers now see Wi-Fi as an essential part of daily life. Passengers in the Airports have time on their hands and always expect free guest WiFi, before and after their flight as well as in the air. Surfsonix will help to improve the travel experience, improve engagement and loyalty with the airport’s brand and enable monetization through an uplift in buying in the airport.
While waiting for the flight, the visitors want to be able to check real time information without having to leave the comfort of a coffee shop to find an information screen. Provide Travelers with information about airport facilities, terminal and local maps, in addition to secure access to their emails, documents and anything else that they might have online. From air side arrivals to waiting for a taxi in the terminal building, they expect to be online.
Providing free WiFi also means that airports can directly engage individual travelers through a variety of social media platforms and emails. Recognize and reward frequent travelers and encourage them to share their experience at the airport with their wider social network.

Monetizing Airport Smart WiFi

Passengers can access real-time information about departure and arrival details, personalized offers for refreshments and duty-free shopping, and invites to exclusive lounges and special parking offers and other services. Surfsonix also presents a revenue option where retailers, cafes & restaurants can advertise and highlight relevant news and promotions to consumers who have enough free time before their flights. From beauty products to duty free goods, they can find out what’s on offer and where it’s located within the airport, through the smart WiFi. In return, the airport is acquiring valuable insight about the visitors and travelers passing through the terminal, the footfall & the demographics of that footfall. Airports can then use this information to adjust placement of shops and displays according to areas with the highest number of people passing them.


  1. Improved customer satisfaction: Wi-Fi is crucial for airports as it generally goes hand-in-hand with many other traveler services. A reliable Wi-Fi signal is expected at every step of travel, and it’s also beneficial for those in a foreign location who need immediate access to a wide variety of services, such as sourcing transportation, hotels, food, and more.
  2. Increased revenue: Guest Wi-Fi monetization would bring in more foot traffic and could also give airports the opportunity to interact with customers, stay connected with them, and be apprised about their choices. Monetizing the guest Wi-Fi makes the journey much more personalized and customized for passengers, while retailers at the airport reap the benefits of knowing customers better.
  3. Improved airport operations: Wi-Fi Location provides airport operators with better management capability. Using Wi-Fi Location technology, airport administrators and operators can improve staffing, protect assets, and help secure private areas. It can be used to track the location of airline, security, and operations personnel in real-time and optimize resource allocation to provide fast response to passenger density and movement speed.

Other Benefits:

  • Wi-Fi access allows the employees to conduct a variety of tasks digitally, which can speed up and simplify the otherwise stressful travel process.
  • Passengers can check in for flights remotely, handle remote work from the comfort of an airport, and request traveler services with the tap of a button.
  • The Airport can communicate travel updates with the passengers more easily.
  • Reward frequent traveler loyalty.
  • Generate footfall towards new stores and restaurants.
  • Gives a better understanding how people move around travel spaces.
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