With all those intelligent insights and the customers’ data, Surfsonix helps the venue owners to engage customers in a smarter way. The marketing tools available in the Surfsonix portal provide a comprehensive way to monitor and dynamically promote your business. You can customize your splash (guests landing or login) pages with specific branding and advertising and send targeted e-campaigns. Customizable and conditions based post-logon URL gives complete control to the businesses.


Customizable Splash or Login page

‘Splash or login or landing page’ is the page that people see when they are just about to begin the login process. Whether they use their computer, tablet, mobile or any smart gadgets, they must connect to WiFi Network in their settings, and open web browser.

Your splash page is the first thing your guests will see when they login, so it’s important to make the most of it. Splash pages can be completely personalized with your branding, logos and content – even better, they’re easier to create than ever before. Surfsonix has many templates the customer can choose from.

Using personalized splash pages, you can manage every step of the guest’s journey, for the new as well as repeat users, based on country, demographic, venue or location.

Surfsonix marketing features let you choose a template, drag and drop images and text into position and publish, it’s that simple. Or for those creatives out there, fully customize splash pages using in-built HTML editor.



E-Marketing or E-Campaign

You can also create unique emails, flyers or coupons to engage with your consumers in real time, based on locations, behaviour and demographics. Surfsonix allows you to create a tailored marketing campaign distinct to your guests.

Promote your own business or others’ on Splash page

The customizable splash page allows the venue owners to promote their own business or 3rd parties businesses and generate additional revenues.

VIP Guest tagging & recognition

Tag your VIP guests and welcome them whenever they visit your venues. Provide personalized services to delight them.


Easily create branded splash pages with our drag and drop tool or HTML editor

Criteria based URL redirection for a personalized guest’s experience

Send targeted emails based on location and demographic data and behaviour

Own your customer data

Drive brand loyalty

Enable vastly targeted sponsorship opportunities

Segment your audience to create significant communications

Create a tailored marketing campaign and engage with guests in real time

Manage every step of the guest journey