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The Zulekha Healthcare Group was found to pursue the founder’s dream of serving people in need and offer affordable medical facilities to all. The Group has contributed richly to set benchmarks in continuing medical education programmes for the entire Gulf region with its consistent interactive workshops and seminars on various medical and surgical topics. Today the Zulekha Healthcare Group includes two multidisciplinary hospitals in Dubai and Sharjah as well as diagnostic centre, UAE medical pharmacies

Industry: Healthcare
Location: Dubai & Sharjah
Products Implemented: Surfsonix Neo
Use Cases: Mobile App Integration



APP Download

No of application downloads from both the Play Store and Apple Store following the implementation of Surfsonix.


Data Collected

through the integration of the app with Surfsonix



In annual revenue due to Surfsonix add marketing

Zulekha Hospital


To enhance patient and visitor experience with the smart WiFi while collecting valuable users’ data. To Provide Internet access via Loyalty Apps while able to monitor network activities,use of centralized management system to simply administrative tasks across multiple venues. Controlling bandwidth intelligently so enhance internet experience. Analyses valuable collected data for superior customer engagement.

  • Need Consistent Internet Service for Inhouse Patient and Visitors
  • Make Visitors aware of Promotional offer in the Hospital
  • Need to increment App Download
  • Centralized Management System


In order to address these challenges Surfsonix NEO were deployed across multiple locations. The intelligent bandwidth management module enabled fair share of bandwidth between the users while the App module enable internet access via the Loyalty App. The valuable users’ data were collected and analysed with the Analytic module. This provided complete insight of users’ behaviour and thus helped the marketing team to efficiently engage the customer with minimal efforts.

  • Visitor Login via App and Inhouse patient with Patient ID
  • Login via Zulekha Hospital App to access free internet
  • Loyalty App Integration
  • Marketing Efficiency
Zulekha Hospital

Net Outcome

Overall, the deployment of Surfsonix solutions, along with intelligent bandwidth management and data analytics, helped in improving the user experience, enhancing data-driven marketing strategies, and optimizing customer engagement across multiple locations.

  • Connectivity for Patients and Visitors
  • Elimination of Access Code Authorization
  • Advertisement via App
  • Data Collection for Marketing

Client's Testimonial

“The HSIA solution is features rich, adaptable & extremely user friendly. Allowing visitors to access the Internet through Mobile App was really challenging and we are happy that Surfsonix fulfilled our requirements. It is really a smart HSIA solution.”