Sharjah Airport

About Sharjah Airport

Sharjah’s aviation history dates back to 1932 when its first flight landed at Al Mahatta runway. Sharjah Airport, established 45 years later, has since evolved into a world-class international airport. With a spacious runway capable of accommodating even the largest aircraft, it welcomes an increasing number of international and regional airlines. Its open sky policy facilitates hassle-free access for airlines worldwide. Sharjah Airport is renowned for its competitive landing and handling rates, attracting global and local operators alike. It has also become a vital air cargo hub for numerous major carriers.

Industry: Transport
Location: Sharjah
Products Implemented: Surfsonix Neo
Use Cases: Multilingual & Presence Location



Constant Device Load

of the customers logging in to the WiFi


Passport / National ID Scanned

by customers for logging in to the WiFi


Guest Satisfaction

Of customers logging in to the WiFi.

Sharjah Airport


Sharjah Airport’s HSIA deployment tackled challenges including intelligent bandwidth management, dynamic splash pages, multilingual interfaces, ID/passport logins, and precise user location. Furthermore, they demand a dynamic and customizable splash page that aligns with their branding and meets the requirements of their guests, ultimately ensuring an exceptional internet experience for all users.

  • Multilingual splash page
  • National ID or Passport login
  • Users presence location


Surfsonix NEO, our Smart Internet Access (IA) solution, was deployed with advanced bandwidth management, driven by the Intelligent Bandwidth Control, ensured efficient resource allocation. A dynamic splash page was designed for swift and straightforward internet access. This resulted in seamless connectivity across the entire site, allowing for the efficient delivery of crucial communication data.

  • Multilingual Customizable splash page
  • User can login using National ID or Passport
  • Intelligent Bandwidth Management
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Net Outcome

The adoption of Surfsonix solutions, which include cutting-edge bandwidth management and advanced data analytics, has not only improved the user experience but also reshaped our data-focused marketing strategies, propelling customer engagement to new pinnacles

  • Location of every connected users
  • Trend reporting and Data Analytics
  • Robust Security
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