Oasis Hotel

About Oasis Hotel

The proximity (within a walking distance) to the commercial & business hub of Kuwait makes Oasis Hotel the right choice for business travelers visiting Kuwait City. With Souk Al Mubarakiya, traditional Arabic market, just few steps away, Oasis Hotel is a hotspot for people wishing to explore the heritage of Kuwait. Other interesting touristic spots are just a short ride away & include National Museum, Al Shaheed Park, Souk Sharq etc. Our street is buzzing with cafés & restaurants that will surely please your taste buds.

Industry: Hospitality
Location: Kuwait
Products Implemented: Surfsonix Neo
Use Cases: PMS



Guest Satisfaction

Through logging in to the WiFi


Surveys Complete

All customers logging in to the WiFi were presented with a survey before gaining access.


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Oasis Hotel


The customer’s primary focus is on optimizing their network infrastructure to deliver an enhanced internet experience. They are looking for a solution that includes intelligent bandwidth control for efficient resource allocation. Simultaneously, user-friendly management tools are essential to streamline operations. Moreover, they require a dynamic, customizable splash page to align with their branding and guest needs, ultimately ensuring a superior internet experience for all users.

  • Network infrastructure optimization
  • Intelligent bandwidth Management.
  • Different Splash pages for Walkin user and Room


Surfsonix NEO, our Smart Internet Access (IA) solution, was deployed with advanced bandwidth management, driven by the Intelligent Bandwidth Control, ensured efficient resource allocation. A dynamic splash page was designed for swift and straightforward internet access. This resulted in seamless connectivity across the entire site, allowing for the efficient delivery of crucial communication data.

  • Advanced bandwidth management location based
  • Seamless connectivity between locations with same session ID
  • Dynamic splash page
Oasis Hotel
Oasis Hotel

Net Outcome

Through the implementation of Surfsonix solutions, featuring cutting-edge bandwidth management and advanced data analytics, we’ve not just elevated the user experience; we’ve also redefined our data-driven marketing approaches, pushing customer engagement to uncharted territories.

  • Data Analytics and Trend Reporting
  • Smart Dynamic pop up Advertainment
  • Guest survey via splash page