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Golden Sands Hotel Apartments have been catering to both families and business traveller’s for over 35 years. As a pioneering Hotel Apartments brand in the region, we offer a wide range of room options suitable for individuals, families, and traveller’s visiting Dubai for either leisure or business. Our aim is to provide the ideal home away from home experience.

Industry: Hospitality
Location: Dubai
Products Implemented: Surfsonix Neo
Use Cases: PMS & Bandwidth Management



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Golden Sands


The customer’s primary focus is on optimizing their network infrastructure to deliver an enhanced internet experience that includes intelligent bandwidth control for efficient resource allocation across both locations. Simultaneously, user-friendly management tools are essential to streamline operations. Integration with their Property Management System (PMS) is crucial for enhancing guest services and operational efficiency. Moreover, they require a dynamic, customizable splash page to align with their branding and guest needs, ultimately ensuring a superior internet experience for all users

  • Advanced bandwidth management
  • Dynamic splash page
  • Opera PMS


Surfsonix NEO, our Smart Internet Access (IA) solution, was deployed with advanced bandwidth management, driven by the Intelligent Bandwidth Control, ensured efficient resource allocation. A dynamic splash page was designed, with Room Login for Inhouse Guests and Voucher Code for Visitors, for swift and straightforward internet access. This resulted in seamless connectivity across the entire site, allowing for the efficient delivery of crucial communication data

  • Room Login for Inhouse and Voucher Code for Visiting Guests
  • Advance Marketing Tool
  • Seamless Connectivity
  • PMS Integration
Golden Sands
Golden Sands

Net Outcome

By integrating Surfsonix solutions, along with state-of-the-art bandwidth management and advanced data analytics, we’ve not only enhanced the user experience but also transformed our data-focused marketing approaches, reaching new levels of customer engagement across various sites.

  • Seamless roam between loactions
  • Data Analytics and Report
  • Extreme Guest Satisfaction