Five Hotels and Resorts

About Five Hotels and Resorts

FIVE Hotels and Resorts focus on developing high quality properties while providing world-class entertainment and luxurious lifestyle experiences to our guests. Owns and operates the iconic FIVE Palm Jumeirah and most-reviewed hotel in the world, FIVE Jumeirah Village. Our Dubai hotels are characterized by their stunning locations, award-winning nightclubs and restaurants, incredible rooms and suites, spectacular pools and lush green terraces. FIVE Hotels and Resorts provides a variety of experiences to suit different moods and encourages guests to “Live Life. Live FIVE.

Industry: Hospitality
Location: Dubai
Products Implemented: Surfsonix Neo & SiFi
Use Cases: PMS, Social Media & Email



Revenue Generated

Through Surfsonix Dynamic add Popper


Real Data Base

Through customers login via social media


Positive Feedback

Through customers logging in to the WiFi were presented with a survey before gaining access.

Five Hotel and Resorts


Five’s primary focus is on optimizing their network infrastructure to deliver an enhanced internet experience. They are looking for a solution that includes intelligent bandwidth control and 8 ISP line for efficient resource allocation for 2 locations. Integration with their Property Management System (PMS) is crucial for enhancing guest services and operational efficiency. Moreover, they require a dynamic, customizable splash page with different types of authentication to align with their branding and guest needs, ultimately ensuring a superior internet experience for all users.

  • Different Types of Authentication for Inhouse, Visitors and Events
  • Email Authentication SMTP Based (To capture Authenticated Email)
  • 8 ISP Line with Load Balancing
  • Dynamic Ads Page for Events


Surfsonix NEO & SiFi Cloud module, was deployed with advanced bandwidth management and WAN Load Balancing with 8 ISP ports, ensured efficient resource allocation. A Multiple splash page was designed for each VLANs with different types of authentication for internet access. This resulted in seamless connectivity across the entire properties and location, allowing for the efficient delivery of crucial communication data.

  • Authentication: Room Login, Social Media, Conference Code, Email Authentication and Mobile Login
  • Multiple Splash Page (Local & Cloud) for each VLANs
  • Surfsonix Device with 8 WAN with Load Balancing
  • Special Ads Page for Recurring Events
  • Unique Splash Page for VIP Users
Five Hotels and Resorts
Five Hotels and Resorts


Incorporating Surfsonix solutions, with Five Palm Jumeriah and Five JVC, enabling WAN load balancing and the creation of multiple splash pages with different authentication types. With this setup, we’re not only maximizing network efficiency but also harnessing valuable data and analytics for smart marketing strategies. Plus, with our unique features like redirect URLs after login and dynamic ad poppers for recurring events are enhancing the user experience and driving engagement like never before.

  • Smart Marketing Tools to notify New and Repeated Visitors
  • 8 WAN with Load Balancing and Bandwidth Management
  • Unique Social Media Database of the visitors
  • More views on recuring Ads for Events
  • Local and Cloud Landing Page