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Alexis Hospital is a multidisciplinary 200 bedded tertiary care hospital at the heartland of  India, Nagpur to provide end-to-end comprehensive medical care across various medical facilities. At Alexis Multi-specialty Hospital we believe it is our primary responsibility to keep up with these changes and make the benefits of healthcare evolution accessible to every single healthcare seeker, without any delay.

Alexis Multi specialty Hospital is an offering and initiative of Zulekha Healthcare Group, UAE to help serve the entire central India community by providing the highest quality of medical care across various disciplines.

Industry: Healthcare
Location: India
Products Implemented: Surfsonix Neo
Use Cases: Loyalty App



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Alexis Hospital


The Alexis Hospital only had WiFi access in a privately operated area located at the front of the hospital, which meant that people couldn’t use the service when in the wards and waiting rooms. As part of its program to improve patient experience across the Trust, The Alexis Hospital began to consider what type of WiFi solution would work best for its patients and visitors.

Nowadays, patients expect a WiFi connection in hospitals as they like to be able to stay in touch with friends and family during their treatment. Free connectivity was particularly essential for patients and their visitor like to be able to stream videos and access interactive websites during their stay.

  • Need Consistent Internet Service for Inhouse Patient and Visitors
  • Make Visitors aware of Promotional offer in the Hospital
  • Need to increment App Download


The Alexis Hospital discussed their WiFi connectivity for patients with a number of providers. However, when they were introduced to Surfsonix solution the team was highly impressed by the functionality and possibilities available to them. Not only would they be able to deliver seamless connectivity across the whole site, but they would be able to distribute important information and updates to those accessing the WiFi. Surfsonix have been installed using their existing IT infrastructure was another benefit that the trust found appealing and more cost effective.

  • Login via Alexis Hospital App to access free internet
  • Can send promotional offers via Hospital App
  • Surfsonix with App Integration
Alexis Hospital
Alexis Hospital

Net Outcome

The hospital’s free guest WiFi has proved very popular, with over 350k visitors accessing the solution every year. In the first full year of WiFi access, a total of 65,000 people logged into the WiFi and this figure had increased by almost 10%.

  • Total No. of App Download incresed to 10k+
  • 65,000 unique users added to CRM annually
  • 350,000 WiFi sessions per year
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