Al Kout Beach Hotel

Al Kout Beach Hotel

Experience luxury at the Al Kout Beach Hotel! Located along the picturesque Al Kout Beach in Kuwait, our elegant property grants you direct access to a pristine private sandy beach, where you can bask in the breath-taking vistas of the Arabian Gulf. Nestled within acres of lushly landscaped gardens, our 173-room hotel is conveniently situated just minutes from the town center.
Indulge in the finer things in life as you unwind beneath beach umbrellas, savouring refreshing drinks and delectable cuisine that will tantalize your taste buds! Whether you’re here for business or leisure, we’re dedicated to making your stay truly unforgettable.

Industry: Hospitality
Location: Kuwait
Products Implemented: Surfsonix Neo
Use Cases: PMS & Guest Survey



User Satisfactions

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Data Collection

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Al-Kout Beach Hotel


The foremost concern of the customer revolves around improving their network infrastructure to provide an improved internet experience. They seek a solution that incorporates intelligent bandwidth management for effective resource allocation. At the same time, they value user-friendly administrative tools to simplify operations. Furthermore, they demand a dynamic and customizable splash page that aligns with their branding and meets the requirements of their guests, ultimately ensuring an exceptional internet experience for all users.

  • Bandwidth Management
  • Room Login for VIP and non-VIP
  • Easy Login for visitors


The Surfsonix NEO, our Smart Internet Access (IA) solution, was put into action, featuring advanced bandwidth management empowered by Intelligent Bandwidth Control, guaranteeing efficient resource distribution. We crafted a dynamic splash page to facilitate quick and simple internet connectivity. As a result, the entire site now enjoys uninterrupted connectivity, enabling the efficient transmission of vital communication data.

  • Intelligent Bandwidth Management with SS Neo
  • PMS integration with SS Neo for Room Login
  • Seamless Connectivity
Al-Kout Beach Hotel
Al-Kout Beach Hotel

Net Outcome

Incorporating Surfsonix solutions, complete with cutting-edge bandwidth management and advanced data analytics, has not just elevated the user experience, but revolutionized our data-driven marketing strategies and taken customer engagement to new heights.

  • Data Transfer Report
  • Bandwidth Management for VIP and Non-VIP Visitors
  • User-Friendly/Dynamic Splash Page
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