Surfsonix helps businesses connect with people who are in their venues through major social networks, a simple and easy to use login form, voucher, email or via PMS for room guests.



Guests expect a swift and simple process when they log in and they get this with Surfsonix SiFi. Our ground-breaking Social WiFi feature allows smooth integration of WiFi access to social networking for enhanced user engagement.


Guests get swift, secure access to WiFi through social media accounts.

Social login available through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram. Additional login available through ticket/voucher, email or PMS.

Instantly boost your social presence in a wider network

Influence guests and their friends through social media logins and activity

Simply promote offers and events to existing and prospective customers

Drive vital engagement metrics including reach, likes, roaming information

Promote your business

Surfsonix gives your customers the option of how they want to log in to the WiFi; either through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, by filling out a short form, via email or PMS.

Social WiFi gives you direct social media engagement to a wider network of customers and followers.

Make yourself famous

Your brand’s message will be boosted across many diverse social feeds, providing you the opportunity to grow your social presence and inform existing and potential new customers about related promotions, offers and events.

You’ll get others speaking about you and your business quicker and much more efficiently.