Surfsonix HOMS is a cloud enabled Hotel Operations Management Application that covers all the operational tasks that is required to sustain the management of the hotel. Covering all facets from Housekeeping, Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Guests Requests, Lost & Found, Minibar, Inventory Control and many more.

Surfsonix HOMS Mobile:

The vital mobile application for hotel managers and staffs, Surfsonix HOMS Mobile integrates seamlessly with Surfsonix Hotel Operation Management Solution (Surfsonix HOMS) to provide a consistent and cost-effective method to dispatch job requests, manage Housekeeping tasks, monitor Minibar usage, track lost & found items. In addition to tracking all requests, complaints and problems, users also have instant access to PMS data.
Surfsonix HOMS Mobile is the one stop mobile solution that you have been waiting for your hotels.


View and filter in-house, pre-arrival, departure and checked-out guest lists

Accept, create work orders and update job status in real time

Keep track of work orders/Jobs in Progress or Pending or Completed

Keep track of Escalated Jobs and reassign to desired person if required

Easy management of work orders for in-house guests/non in-house guests

Easy to use application receives work order notifications instantly

Supports multiple languages

Real time Room status/Minibar Status update to the PMS

Keep track of Lost & Found items and update the relative department

Workwise upload Image or Voice or Video whenever necessary

Receive Emergency Job alerts in real time

Scheduled Jobs for a future date and time


Manage your operations while on the move

Constant visibility of vital operational and important PMS data

Decreased job communication time

Individual controlled access for users and devices

Improved guests/users experience

Increased staff productivitye