Surfsonix SG

Surfsonix SG is a Cloud based intelligent solution using Next Generation Smart Gateway. Consisting of two components, Surfsonix NG (the Next Generation Appliance) and SiFi NG (the Cloud based intelligent Portal).

Coupled with benefits of Surfsonix NG and SiFi NG. Hurray!

Surfsonix NG

Next Generation appliance with ease of deployment & maintenance across organizations with multi-branding for venues. It integrates seamlessly with existing WiFi infrastructures. It can be deployed as standalone or as a component of the Surfsonix SG, the third generation smart internet access solution.




The Cloud based intelligent solution which tightly integrates with Surfsonix appliances. Providing smart analytics and in-depth reports revealing exclusive details about the customer behavioral pattern, use case and profiling. This is extremely handy in effectively engaging customers specific to their needs and thus generating ROI. Facilitates Centralized Management of all venues from single dashboard in real time.

Let’s make IT better. A Smart Solution for a Smarter world!